Updating and return of Metrological Normative Documents

The management of normative documents refers to the daily activity of the National Institute for Metrology and especially of the National Database of Metrology Normative Documents that comprises documents like: legal metrology regulations, legal metrology norms, legal metrology procedures etc.

The Normative Documents Division offers services of issuing, multiplying and updating of normative documents, and of consulting the “Metrology” Journal.

The service of multiplying, disseminating and updating technical normative documents in the field of metrology available in the National Database of Metrology Normative Documents are offered by the Normative Documents Division.

Nadejda Furnica

Head of Division

Angela Codrean

Tel. (022) 903-113

[email protected]

Diana Bolotovici

Tel. (022) 903-117

Senior Specialist

[email protected]

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