General Information

The activity of the Applied Metrology Department is focused on the maintenance, research and development of the components of the National Measurement Standards Database.

The objective of these activities is the assurance of traceability and uniformity of the measurements performed on the territory of the Republic of Moldova.

For this purpose, the AMD team conducts activities described in the annual program of the institution, which includes three main directions:

∙ undertaking of traceable measurement unit

∙ preserving of the measurement unit 

∙ disseminating the measurement unit

All AMD activities are realized within a Management System that assures their conformity with the standard SM SR ISO/CEI 17025:2006.

The AMD team owns a set of calibration procedures through which the dissemination of measurements units to all stakeholders is assured, these procedures being in a continuous process of development.

Additionally, the AMD team organizes interlaboratory comparisons on areas of public interest. The comparisons have the mission to demonstrate the capacity of laboratories to conduct testing activities that generate reliable measurement results.

Thus, AMD supports the implementation of European good practices in the Republic of Moldova, of secure measurement techniques and the protection of consumers from potential errors of measurements.

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