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Normative Documents in the field of Metrology

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RGML 07:2007 “National Metrology System. Recognition of results of metrological testing for type approvals and metrological verifications/calibrations of measuring instruments”
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RGML 14:2007”National Metrology System. Marketing and installing non-automatic weighting instruments”
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RGML 01_2012 " National Metrology System. Designation within the National Metrology System"
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RGML 24:2012 “National Metrology System. Qualification criteria and confirmation of metrological specialists”
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RGML 05:2013 “National Metrology System. National Database of normative documents in the field of metrology”
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RGML 19:2014 State register of measuring instruments allowed to be used in the Republic of Moldova
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RGML 06:2014 “National Metrology System. National register of measurement units standards”
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RGML 12:2013 “National Metrology System. Metrological verification of legal measuring instruments. Organization and performing”
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RGML 26_2012 " National Metrology System. Metrological verification marking"
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RGML 09:2015 “National Metrology System. Measurement units standards. Development, approval, registration, storage and use”
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RGML 17:2015 “Measurement units traceability schemes. Setting principles. Development, approval and use”
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RGML 04:2014 “National Metrology System. Development of legal metrology regulations”
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RGML 16_2016 "Type approval of measuring instruments within the National Metrology System"
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RGML 02_2016 "Conditions for issuing the Technical Note for registration"

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