INM Team

The team of the National Institute for Metrology is formed of engineers specialized in different measurement areas.

Due to the specific activity, the INM specialists know the national metrology norms, the guides and recommendations of regional and international organizations in the field of measurement activities, of preserving and disseminating measurement units.

To the same extent, the National Institute for Metrology specialists study and apply international standards for the creation development, implementation and maintenance of a Quality Management System.

All the National Institute for Metrology employees are in a continuous study process that includes intense training programs.

The INM team has the following objectives:

       • to be useful to the society

       • to contribute to the development of the national economy

       • to enhance the competitiveness of national economic operators

The average age of the team is 34 years old.

We are young, full of energy, inspired and generous.

We want to be useful and loyal partners.

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