General information

The National Institute for Metrology is a public institution, founded by the Ministry of Economy.

Through the National Institute for Metrology, the Ministry of Economy implements the national policies in the field of both legal and applied metrology.

The creation of the National Institute for Metrology in its present form is one of the steps towards the alignment of the Moldovan quality infrastructure to the model generally applied in the European Union member states.

At present, the National Institute for Metrology maintains the National Measurement Standards Database, which is one of the most modern in the region.

The activity of maintaining the National Measurement Standards Database implies continuous performance of measurement exercises, gathering and examination of results, their interpretation and improvement of measurement techniques etc.

Thus, reliable measurement techniques are gathered and developed in the Republic of Moldova, which assure the exactness and reliability of national measurements, whose results will be recognized regionally and internationally.

Baner metrologie aplicata
Baner metrologie legala