General Information

Legal Metrology is a part of metrology that assures the accuracy and uniformity of measurements performed in public interest areas.

Mission of the Department:

  • Assurance of the accuracy and uniformity of measurements performed in the Republic of Moldova;
  • Protection of individuals and legal entities, regardless of the type of property and legal organizational form, against the negative effects of incorrect measurements.


  • Performance of technical activities in the field of legal metrology: type approvals of measurement instruments, development of drafts of normative documents in the field of metrology harmonized with the regional and international practice, metrological expertise of normative documents drafts, developed for measurement areas.
  • Implementation of agreements signed with other countries regarding the mutual recognition of the results of type approvals, of metrological verifications, of calibrations, of technical competence of verification laboratories, of testing and calibration of measuring instruments and reference materials.
  • Consultation of the public administration authorities and of the individuals and legal entities in the field of legal metrology.
  • Registration of individuals and legal entities that repair, sell, import, install and rent measuring instruments, as well as those who perform products prepackaging.
  • Management of the State Registers of measuring instruments and of the entities registered within the National Metrology System.
  • Methodological support on the development by the interested parties of legal metrology norms and legal measurement procedures.
  • Management of the National Database of Normative Documents in the field of metrology.

Structure of the Legal Metrology Department:

1. Normative Documents Division:

Tel. (022) 903-117

Furnica Nadejda

Head of Normative Documents Division

Diana Bolotovici

Senior Specialist

Angela Codrean

Senior Specialist

2. Type approvals of measuring instruments Division:

Tel. (022) 903-130

Ghennadii Berghii

Senior Specialist

Tudor Popa

Coordinating Specialist

Baner metrologie aplicata
Baner metrologie legala