The National Institute for Metrology (INM) has the mission to assure the traceability, and accordingly, the trust in the measurements performed in the Republic of Moldova at regional and international level.
For this purpose, with the support of the Government of the Republic of Moldova and the assistance of the Competitiveness Enhancement Project of the World Bank, the INM laboratories were equipped with modern measurement equipments and the metrology experts benefited of specialized trainings and know-how transfer from internationally recognized metrology institutes.
At present, INM has a complex structure of 7 laboratories that constitute the basic capacity of the institute, along with other departments necessary for the organization and implementation of research programs, of maintenance and development of the National Measurement Standards Database.
INM is fully aware of the importance of its mission and all forces and capacities shall be focused towards its achievement.
The objectives of the National Institute for Metrology
Acting in order of achieving its mission, the INM team realizes a wide range of activities using modern equipment, implementing new technologies, applying measurement and research technologies in a continuous education process.
Within COOMET, a regional organization recognized internationally, INM performs measurements and shares experience with the colleagues from Germany, Romania, Slovakia Russia, Georgia, the Ukraine and other states. The communication with the metrology colleagues from other countries is an efficient way of improving the knowledge.
By implementing the newest measurement techniques at national level, INM follows the objective of assuring the consumers’ right to pay strictly for the used products, of assuring the quality and safety of food products, the safety of pharmaceutical products etc.
At the moment, there are no manufacturing processes that would not imply measurements. In the case of food products, different types of measurements assure the exact dose of the ingredients, and in the case of packed products, the measurement instruments assure the exact quantity written on the package. In the area of construction products there are other types of measurements that assure the exact dose of the concrete ingredients, whose quality determine directly the reliability of the buildings. The same thing may be observed in the case of drug production, in the machine-building industry, oil industry or any other manufacture.
The evolution of technologies is impossible without exact measurements, and that is why a more technologically advances product requires higher accuracy of measurements. INM is fully aware of the importance of its activities, which are being constantly developed and extended. INM has the purpose of providing to the business the owned knowledge, experience and technical capacities. INM shall do its best to enhance the communication with the economic operators and shall enlarge the range of its activities in order to bring its contribution to the national economy development.

    Constantin Bordianu – Metrolog Emerit al COOMET
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