The mission of the “Metrology” Journal is to inform the society regarding the main activity of the National Institute for Metrology (INM).

Metrology is the science of measurements and their application. Metrology includes all theoretical and practical aspects of measurements, regardless of the measurement uncertainty and scope.

The objective of metrology is to assure accurate measurements through dissemination of “correct measurement units”. Simultaneously with the technical and scientific progress and with the globalization of economic processes, the requirements regarding the exactness have increased significantly, thus the level of metrological research is also higher.

At the present moment, this apparently “simple operation” of measuring hides a continuous research activity both in the field of instruments used in metrological activities and in the area of methods of calibration/metrological verification procedures.

Another objective of “Metrology” Journal is to become a platform for discussions and cooperation between INM specialists and the researchers of the Academy of Science institutes, of the universities and other organizations involved in research activities. The involvement of business is also welcomed, as its experience is undoubtedly useful.

Through the materials published, INM has the objective to constantly inform the national academia regarding the current status of metrology in the Republic of Moldova, about the capacities of INM to identify solutions for actual problems.

Thus, INM hopes to establish an interactive connection among those who activate in the field of metrology and those who benefit or may benefit of its results.

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