Declaration of commitment of the INM Director regarding the quality policy

According to the Government Decision no 976 from 16.08.2016, the National Institute for Metrology (INM) functions as a Research and Development institution under the Ministry of Economy, which is the central authority for metrology, and the main mission of INM is the assurance of the uniformity, legality, accuracy and traceability of measurements in the Republic of Moldova.

INM has a wide experience in the field of measurements. Based on the proved experience and capabilities, INM maintains, operates with and develops the national measurement standards – property of the State, according to RGML 09:2015.

From this fact, and in the context of the generalization of the application of the requirements of SM SR EN ISO 17025:2006 within the testing and calibration laboratories, it results in the role of INM in the framework of the national metrological system, and especially:

      ­ - Creation, development, maintenance and continuous compliance of the national measurement standards system with the international standards, under the conditions of CIPM-MRA recognition.

      ­ - Dissemination of legal measurement units from the national measurement standards to the hierarchically inferior standards, and to the work standards, as well as the dissemination of specialty information to the beneficiaries of the entire quality infrastructure.

The first component is realized through specific research activities, including international cooperation projects. The second component is realized through a wide range of services (calibration, testing, expertise verification and specialty assistance, etc.) available to all the current and potential customers.

In order to assure the quality of the services provided to the customers, it was decided to implement and continuously and efficiently develop a Quality Management System according to the requirements of the standard SM SR EN ISO 17025:2006 in every laboratory within INM. The INM Quality Management System is recognized by the Regional Metrology Organization COOMET, in which INM participates as an affiliate.

In its activity, the top management tends to comply with all the relevant legal provisions in force and the relevant requirements from the regulations of international bodies in which INM participates as affiliate. Also, INM Management assures the compliance with the work and environment protection norms, in line with the legislation.

The general objectives of QMS-INM are:

     ­ - The assurance and continuous improvement of testing and calibration services provided to the customers, in order to fully satisfy their needs.

     ­ - The development of technical capacities of the metrological laboratories according to the reference documents.

     ­ - Continuous participation in the activities initiated by COOMET, EURAMET and, when possible, by other regional metrology organizations.

     ­ - The maintenance of the QMS-INM recognition by COOMET.

The annual objectives of the Quality Management are set in the annual plans developed during the Management reviews.

All the INM staff cooperates making sure that they understand and apply into practice the requirements relevant for their positions and participate actively in the continuous improvement of the quality of the services provided by INM.

Director of INM


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