Rules for Submitting Articles

Rules for the presentation form of the articles submitted for publication in the “Metrology” Journal

1. General information

  • The works submitted for publication shall represent the original contribution of the author. The responsibility for the trustworthy of the presented information is attributed to the author.
  • The Editorial office reserves the right not to publish the works considered inappropriate.
  • The manuscripts of the articles are not returned.

2. Editing rules

  • The articles shall have a minimum of 2 and a maximum of 6 pages, edited in MICROSOFT WORD of WINDOWS, using the font Times New Roman, size 11, and shall be submitted electronically (CD, E-mail, Flash) together with a paper copy. The pictures and images shall be black white, integrated in the article and sent, also, in a separate file.
  • The articles shall be accompanied by a short summary of maximum 100 words, in Romanian and English, and a list of key words.
  • The authors shall indicate their first name and family name, scientific titles, position, place of work, address (inclusive e-mail) and a contact phone.
  • No abbreviations are accepted, besides the recognized and largely used ones
  • The identification of the bibliography shall be complete: author, original title, edition, volume number, place of publication, editorial office, and year of publication.
  • The bibliographic references shall be marked in the text through the ordinal number of the work, in square brackets.

All rights over the materials published in the Journal are reserved to INM.

The opinion expressed in the published articles belongs to the author. The editorial office reserves the right to present other opinions.

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