Bilateral Cooperation

Until now, the National Institute for Metrology has signed cooperation agreements with the Romanian Bureau of Legal Metrology (BRML), the Belarus Metrology Institute (БелГИМ), the Czech Metrology Institute (CMI), the Technical and Scientific Council (TUBITAK) from Turkey, and the National Institute of Metrology from Romania (INM), Central Office of Measures from Poland (GUM),Institute of Metrology of Bosnia and Herzegovina (IMBIH).

The bilateral agreements are focused on the following subjects:

- cooperation in the field of research of the primary standards of the institutes by performance of bilateral inter-comparisons in the area of measurement theory and techniques;

- cooperation in the field of development of calibration procedures and estimation of measurement uncertainty in different measurement areas;

- cooperation in the field of staff training by means of mutual internships;

- cooperation in the field of testing of the type of measurement instruments by means of experience exchange;

- cooperation in the field of development of testing/research procedures of measurement instruments used in various measurement areas.

- experience exchange and training in the field of Quality Management Systems.

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