Related services

In the context of the European integration of the Republic of Moldova, an important role is assigned to the assurance of accurate measurements, obtaining of trustworthy results and their international recognition. As a consequence, many barriers to trade can be overcome and national products can be actively promoted. The practical realization represents not only the demonstration of measurement capabilities that is assured by INM, but requires also offering of certain related services.
Thus, INM offers to the stakeholders a wide range of services related to calibration:

- Development of calibration procedures for measuring instruments ;
- The approximate calculation of the periodicity between two consecutive calibrations;
- The calibration with a high degree of accuracy, in different applications and technological processes;
- The metrological calibration/rectification of measuring instruments;
- Trainings regarding the concept of using the measurement uncertainty and its correct application in the testing, calibration and metrological verification laboratories;
- The estimation of influence factors and the calculation of the measurement uncertainty (including for testing laboratories);
- Consultancy (workshops) on the maintenance of metrological equipment from the testing and metrological laboratories;
- The organization of national comparisons on competence verifications and calibrations of measuring instruments;
- The realization of qualitative and trustworthy researches and studies in the areas of public interest like the minimization of production costs.

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