Metrological Verifications

The National Institute for Metrology provides services of metrological verifications of legal measuring instruments, only in the areas that are not covered by economic operators, with the competencies accredited by the National Centre for Accreditation of the Republic of Moldova (MOLDAC), and designated by the Ministry of Economy.

At present, the National Institute for Metrology offers to all interested parties services of metrological verification for the following measuring instruments:

No. Type of the measuring instrument Price, lei
1. Dosimeters for measuring ionizing radiations 389.61
2. Flowmeters for measuring ionizing radiations 1730.31
3. Röntgenometers 469.82
4. Exposimeters for radiations 499.61
5. Radioactivity detectors 263.56
6. Spectrometers for measuring ionizing radiation energy 3475.51
7. Radiometers and contaminometers 385.02

For additional details referring to services of metrological verification of measuring instruments, please contact us:

(373 22) 238 446
(373 22) 903 103

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